Intelligent Portfolios . Global Diversification. Dynamic Approach

Intelligent Portfolios

Our adaptive AI-driven investment approach enables us to achieve higher returns than most of classical asset managers and robo advisors, and protect your wealth when everyone is losing money.

Global Diversification

Our Deep Learning Models process huge amount of data and monitor over 50 countries every day to construct a globally diversified investment portfolio that includes over 12 different asset classes.

No Human Emotions

Our Deep Learning systems learn and adapt to changing macroeconomic conditions, able to efficiently predict market events, and instantly react to major events to protect and grow your wealth. No greed, anger or any other human being emotions involved in managing your investment.

Core-Satellite Investing

Our AI-driven investment approach brings the best of active and passive investment management worlds, which enable us to generate higher risk-adjusted returns than the market.

We utilize innovations in quantitative and machine learning sciences to apply our advanced core-satellite investing methodology to provide exposure to variable alpha on a per investor basis.

  • Global Diversification

    Access to 20+ Markets

  • Effective Asset Allocation

    Adaptive to Market Turbulences

  • Low ETF-Fees

    Low cost and high quality ETFs

  • Effective Risk Management

    Downside Protection

  • Machine Intelligence Platform

    Advanced Machine Learning models

  • Powerful Alpha Models

    Consistent excess Returns

  • Proven Quantitative Strategies

    Quantitative Scientific Approach

  • Novel Data Resources

    Access to traditional and non-traditional data sources

“Build Wealth For Future ”

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Growing Wealth using
Intelligent Machines
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