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Our Philosophy

Sefwa, Your
doorway to Halal & Sustainable Investing

Intelligent Responsible Investing

At Sefwa, we preserve and grow institutional and private wealth. Our intelligent machines work 24/7 to spot hidden halal investment opportunities to enable wealth growth and avoid losses during extreme negative economic events.

Shared Prosperity

At Sefwa, we believe in shared prosperity. We don’t only dedicate part of our income to different causes, such as poverty and education, but also give you the privilege to increase the welfare of the less well-off around the world by dedicating part of your profits to them.

Responsible Investing

Scientific Approach

Impactful Leadership

Shared Prosperity

The Halal Way

Halal Investing follows sustainable and impactful approach which ensures that your wealth is only allocated to companies that are not involved in any unethical or unsustainable industries such as alcohol, gambling, arms, sexual, tobacco, and many others. Halal investing also forbidden Interest (a.k.a. Reba), and thus investments at Sefwa are screened for Interest and some certain debt ratios.

Global Diversification

Sefwa uses its AI systems to diversify and invest your wealth in the best opportunities around the globe. Global diversification helps to maximize your investment returns at the lowest possible risk.

How your Halal Investment
Could Grow in 30 Years

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“Outperformance without Sacrificing Your Values & Beliefs ”

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